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Everything from our chocolate bars right down to our drinking chocolate powder celebrates the authenticity of organic raw cacao beans. We handpick them, bring them to our shop, and start working with some of the earliest Aztec methods to bring you an unmatchable experience. And now you can live this experience on a weekly, monthly, and fortnightly basis.   

We like to think that there are whimsical, wide-eyed people in different corners of the world, dreaming of tasting the perfect chocolate. Cenu Cacao wishes to make that dream come true.   

How? We offer subscriptions to the world’s most true-to-origin chocolates. A subscription is defined as an agreement wherein we receive recurring payments for delivering you with your choice of chocolates. Just like Netflix, but tasty and chocolaty right from the heart of Cenu Cacao, an artisanal “bean to bar” chocolate shop. You can subscribe to our products on a weekly, monthly, and fortnightly arrangement.    

If you would like to get your hands on our products listed below individually, or once-off, make haste and visit Our Chocolate

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Pick out your favourite flavour, and tell us what you like. Like particularly dark chocolate? We have just the right selection for you. 

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