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How Rosemary started her journey

How it all started

Once upon a time, a girl named Rosemary fell in love with chocolate. She came to be known as the proud benefactor of a little artisanal chocolate shop in England. Our founder, Rosemary Ndukuba, grew up on a cacao farm in Nigeria, with the warmth of a family that introduced her to the wonders of chocolate. Soon, she started exploring the vastness of flavours and textures, and the love for chocolate was ingrained in her psyche. Things took off from there and soon began the quest for turning her admiration for chocolate into a business. 

In the Spring of 2017, Cenu Cacao was born. Located in a quiet corner on Regent Street in Royal Leamington Spa, UK, Cenu Cacao is a “bean to bar” chocolate shop. Therefore, as you walk in, not only will you be welcomed by a fresh aroma of chocolate, but you can also watch it being prepared right in front of you. Our chocolates are baked using Aztec methods, making Cenu Cacao one of the first chocolate bars to do this in the West Midlands.

Our freshly selected ingredients

Our Carefully Selected Ingredients - Fresh, and Never Better!

Our wide-eyed dream of making chocolate commenced in Venezuela and Panama, making it our trusted source of fully-certified, freshly grown cacao beans. Our treasured cacao beans are crushed in stone grinders in the shop itself, followed by the creation of exclusively handmade batches. These batches then make their way to the bar in the form of pralines and truffles infused with a novel taste for you to relish. Speaking of the delicacies we offer, we have to mention our remarkable hot chocolate and cacao tea that is made with a flavour unique to our brand. 

To find a “bean to bar” chocolate shop in the UK is a rare occurrence. Why? Most chocolate manufacturers make their desserts with premade cocoa liquor. But not us. We believe in individuality, and like to do things our way. And that is to give you the chance to witness the sweet miracle of chocolate, right in front of your eyes. 
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Chocolates by Cenu Cacao

Every bite of our chocolate is heavenly

Enjoy our special chocolate with your friends!

As we make our way into the third year of Cenu Cacao, we are proud to tell you that we remain in complete charge of the chocolate-making process. Each and every step, from sorting, roasting, cracking, winnowing, grounding, and conching to finely ageing the chocolate before chilling, is handled by us. The artisanal value of our chocolate is deeply rooted in the process we follow, making particularly rare chocolates and drinking chocolates with authentic flavours. With our unique chocolates, you will be able to taste the subtlety of cacao clearly, because it shouldn’t be any other way. Furthermore, you can rest assured that our chocolate doesn’t have even a hint of palm oil or Lecithin.  

With the goodness of chocolate and the earthy texture of cacao, our chocolates make for a beautiful blend of delightful and organic extracts.


Whether it’s distance or time, nothing should stop you from having these delicious chocolates. Hence, you can shop these fresh mouth-watering chocolates online at Cenu Cacao: The Classic Chocolate Makers. Your options are a wide variety of dark chocolates, classic truffles, selection boxes, coffee that’s inspired from the Southern region of India, organic cacao beans, and roasted cacao nibs.

White Salted Caramel Chocolate Kisses

Be a part of our world of chocolate

Contact us today!

At Cenu Cacao, we firmly believe in letting our customers inside our little chocolate- making them watch as the best chocolate-eating experience of their life takes place. We make our chocolates right here at Royal Leamington Spa, down to the careful grinding of organically grown cacao beans. Our work has given us the liberty to meet and greet several people every day, and we would love to have you.

You can contact us via email, call, or better yet, drop in for a quick chat at our humble chocolate bar!

Our customers satisfaction is our top priority

Few words from customers

They are very kind here, the dark chocolate is soooo good and ther hot choc is amazingSarah SparksFebruary 18, 2024
Ash BryantFebruary 12, 2024
(I went to tge one in Touchwood, Solihull) Lovely little chocolate shop who serves lovely chocolate products. We ordered hot chocolate mixed with dark and milk chocolate with coconut milk, it taste amazing! The guy who served us was very friendly and kind, bless him. Let's support small business❤Daisy Karina SariJanuary 21, 2024
Incredible hot chocolate Same with the iced one. The nib chocolate is incredible, the owner is such a lovely woman 😊 ( I've not seen her for a while as she now has plenty of staff which I'm very happy for her) deffo recommend anyone to go along. Costa who? 👊🏼👊🏼Bonnie LouisJanuary 8, 2024
Fabulous shop, with lovely staff. The delicious smell of chocolate hits you at the door. The hot chocolate was to die for. How wonderful to have it freshly ground. We will be back for sure.Wyunn SunleyDecember 30, 2023
Wow, the chocolate is incredible!! So rich yet so moorish! First time trying and I cannot wait to go back for more 🍫S HDecember 13, 2023
Best hot choc ever!izel miray sipahiNovember 15, 2023
Incredible little chocolate shop - the chocolates not only look amazing but taste delicious 😋 I would highly recommend if you're looking for some 'proper' chocolate!Heather SmithNovember 12, 2023
We came here 4/5 years ago and absolutely loved the hot chocolate. We visited again recently and it was as good as we remembered. The owner is such a lovely person as wellAlex HalfordNovember 11, 2023
Beautiful hand crafted chocolates with endless choice. The hot chocolate is the real star of the show… milk, dark or white or a combination if you fancy with different spice options also. The staff are always so welcoming and friendly.Ella KenrickNovember 11, 2023
The best hot chocolate ever. The chocolates are ace, especially the kirsch cherry. Love this place and the staff thereM. PugsleyOctober 19, 2023
Wonderful chocolates, handmade and what a selection. And they also sell coffee which is exceptional.Mike LeeOctober 16, 2023
Absolutely delicious dark hot chocolate. Friendly, helpfully staff.Piotr SOctober 14, 2023
Best hot chocolate you’d ever tryKieran WilliamsonSeptember 21, 2023
Amazing chocolate, lots of choiceNatalja GSeptember 8, 2023
The best ♥️Fabrizio LipariAugust 27, 2023
Would give more than 5 stars if possible! The iced chocolate from Cenu Cacao is the best I’ve ever had, very chocolatey and not watered down. The chocolates are also delicious! It is clear to see that a lot of love and care goes into everything made here. Cant wait to come back!Amelia LAugust 25, 2023
An exceptional quality. The chocolate is flavourful and very well balanced in sweetness. The ladies in the shop are really warm and helpful. They are so benevolent towards customers, it makes the whole experience incredible, they all deserve that 5*. I will definitely come back for some Christmas treats. What a fabulous little shop! 😍Maëva G.August 18, 2023
I think so too. 10/10 cold iced chocolate drink. I don’t like it too sweet - this one was perfectG SicaJuly 29, 2023
Staff was lovely and chocolates deliciousGhislaine van der PloegJuly 18, 2023
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