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The secret to Cenu Cacao’s handmade chocolates is the special ingredients we use to make them. We use freshly grown cacao beans from Venezuela and Panama. We believe that it’s beautiful to share our accomplishments with other businesses. To do that, we sell raw cacao beans, our distinct drinking chocolate powder, and cacao mass as wholesale commodities ready to be sold business to business. 

Business to business delivery

wholesale business

Most chocolate makers use pre-made cocoa liquor for making chocolate. But not us. The freshness of our hot chocolate and the authenticity of our chocolate bars come from finely crushed raw cacao beans. Our raw cacao beans can be roasted carefully to enjoy a taste of chocolate that’s as old as time – delicious and unforgiving. 

To make sure that we do our part in celebrating the delight of our cacao beans, we sell them to other businesses for reselling. These raw cacao beans are fresh from the fields of Venezuela. We wholesale raw cacao beans from business to business and other resellers. Just tell us how much you need, and we will do our best to bring you the ethnicity of our raw cacao beans. 

Features of Our Wholesale Business

Sao Tome Roasted
Chocolate Coffees by Cenu Cacao

Pure chocolate artisan stone ground drinking chocolate

wholesale drinking chocolate

One of our proudest achievements is our exceptional drinkable chocolate. We use pure chocolate, which is an artisan stone-ground chocolate powder. Our drinking chocolate powder contains cocoa powder made from fresh cacao beans grown organically in Venezuela and Panama. 

And now it’s ready for wholesale! We’re selling Cenu Cacao’s drinking chocolate powder to other businesses, ready to be resold. 

Features of Our Wholesale Drinking Chocolate

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Cocoa Mass

Cocoa Mass is finely stone-ground cacao compressed into five to twenty-five kilograms bars. The best part of Cenu Cacao’s cocoa mass is that the customer has the freedom to decide details such as the percentage of cacao, the type of cacao. On top of that, the customer can also choose the ingredients they would like us to add.   

If there is a special flavour of cacao you would rather have, then let us know and we will do everything in our power to bring it to you. Much like our raw cacao beans, and drinking chocolate powder, Cocoa Mass is also in-store for wholesale. Our bars of happiness are ready to be sold from business to business.

Features of Conferences

Chocolates by Cenu Cacao


The uniqueness of our products is founded on the ground of authenticity. And you can receive our products by telling us your name, your company’s name, your country’s origin, and any special requirements you would like us to tend to. 

Our customers satisfaction is our top priority

Few words from customers

Deeksha VishwanathDecember 4, 2021
The best hot chocolate i have ever had. Ladled molten chocolate in a cupDavid MattinsonNovember 1, 2021
Visited today and had o e of the best hot chocolate drinks..Also indulged in some chocolate to take away. Fabulous and the lady in the store was so helpful. May have to order more online..Alison HazzardOctober 26, 2021
Will FOctober 25, 2021
Delicious chocolate and friendly owner (Rosemary)!Jack SnowOctober 1, 2021
The best chocolate in Warwickshire or I should say in all UK! True taste of the finest cocoa, passionate owner and a lot of love. Beautiful place, beautiful people, highly recomended!Andrzej K.August 15, 2021
Oh my! Such beautiful chocolates and amazing service. Everyone should shop here, Rosemary is wonderful and the chocolates are to die for. Thank you!!Tara AlisandratosAugust 11, 2021
BlackSoul 2kJuly 10, 2021
Matthew StephenJuly 1, 2021
Iced chocolate drink is amazing. Also highly recommend the salter caramel orea snowball. ❤️ben goodallJune 26, 2021
What an adorable little hidden gem! Stumbled across this cute shop whilst we were exploring the area and going for a random walk. We went in to grab an iced latte and was greeted by the lovely owner (I think she’s the owner) called Rosemarie? One of the other customers kept saying her name. She was the loveliest, most welcoming and friendliest person ever. The shop has a big selection of AMAZING chocolates, a huge selection of different boxes to put them in and a beautiful selection of different types of coffees. I would absolutely 100% recommend this place and from what I could see they specialise in something called in Iced Hot chocolate and boy did it look good!EAT-STAY-TRAVELJune 13, 2021
Rosemary always has the most inventive flavours of authentic chocolate - and the recent “iced chocolate” drink is the most incredible milkshake with a luxurious texture of real chocolate blended with ice cream.Neal JonesJune 12, 2021
Wow! I'm not a local to this area and unfortunately won't have the blessing to attend this place regularly. The owner of this shop has tons of banter and great energy which seems to of given me a burst of energy throughout my day. The products available in this shop are of high quality, great tasting and affordable prices. I recommend this shop to anyone in the local area and to the shop owner who's name I didn't catch I wish you all the best with your business, I'm positive you'll do well.Kevin MicrowaveJune 12, 2021
The most heavenly hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Wish I could bathe in it.Lucy WheelerApril 16, 2021
Clean cafe.Helpful and friendly staff.Georgous food.TryuzApril 7, 2021
Really good hot chocolate available here. Choose between white, milk or dark. Made while you wait. Just the thing to encourage you on a cold day.Paul NewtonMarch 4, 2021
Kaneeka KapurJanuary 22, 2021
Absolutely love this place! The hot chocolate and mochas are amazing and the advent calendar was an extra special treat before Christmas. Would highly recommend to all.Charles AtkinsonJanuary 3, 2021
Great chocolats...Different flavours...excellent experience for chocolat lovers.Daniel ClaudetDecember 19, 2020
Lovely people, great chocolateSimon KeayDecember 18, 2020
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