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The secret to Cenu Cacao’s handmade chocolates is the special ingredients we use to make them. We use freshly grown cacao beans from Venezuela and Panama. We believe that it’s beautiful to share our accomplishments with other businesses. To do that, we sell raw cacao beans, our distinct drinking chocolate powder, and cacao mass as wholesale commodities ready to be sold business to business. 

Business to business delivery

wholesale business

Most chocolate makers use pre-made cocoa liquor for making chocolate. But not us. The freshness of our hot chocolate and the authenticity of our chocolate bars come from finely crushed raw cacao beans. Our raw cacao beans can be roasted carefully to enjoy a taste of chocolate that’s as old as time – delicious and unforgiving. 

To make sure that we do our part in celebrating the delight of our cacao beans, we sell them to other businesses for reselling. These raw cacao beans are fresh from the fields of Venezuela. We wholesale raw cacao beans from business to business and other resellers. Just tell us how much you need, and we will do our best to bring you the ethnicity of our raw cacao beans. 

Features of Our Wholesale Business

Sao Tome Roasted
Chocolate Coffees by Cenu Cacao

Pure chocolate artisan stone ground drinking chocolate

wholesale drinking chocolate

One of our proudest achievements is our exceptional drinkable chocolate. We use pure chocolate, which is an artisan stone-ground chocolate powder. Our drinking chocolate powder contains cocoa powder made from fresh cacao beans grown organically in Venezuela and Panama. 

And now it’s ready for wholesale! We’re selling Cenu Cacao’s drinking chocolate powder to other businesses, ready to be resold. 

Features of Our Wholesale Drinking Chocolate

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Cocoa Mass

Cocoa Mass is finely stone-ground cacao compressed into five to twenty-five kilograms bars. The best part of Cenu Cacao’s cocoa mass is that the customer has the freedom to decide details such as the percentage of cacao, the type of cacao. On top of that, the customer can also choose the ingredients they would like us to add.   

If there is a special flavour of cacao you would rather have, then let us know and we will do everything in our power to bring it to you. Much like our raw cacao beans, and drinking chocolate powder, Cocoa Mass is also in-store for wholesale. Our bars of happiness are ready to be sold from business to business.

Features of Conferences

Chocolates by Cenu Cacao


The uniqueness of our products is founded on the ground of authenticity. And you can receive our products by telling us your name, your company’s name, your country’s origin, and any special requirements you would like us to tend to. 

Our customers satisfaction is our top priority

Few words from customers

Best hot choc ever!izel miray sipahiNovember 15, 2023
Incredible little chocolate shop - the chocolates not only look amazing but taste delicious 😋 I would highly recommend if you're looking for some 'proper' chocolate!Heather SmithNovember 12, 2023
We came here 4/5 years ago and absolutely loved the hot chocolate. We visited again recently and it was as good as we remembered. The owner is such a lovely person as wellAlex HalfordNovember 11, 2023
Beautiful hand crafted chocolates with endless choice. The hot chocolate is the real star of the show… milk, dark or white or a combination if you fancy with different spice options also. The staff are always so welcoming and friendly.Ella KenrickNovember 11, 2023
The best hot chocolate ever. The chocolates are ace, especially the kirsch cherry. Love this place and the staff thereM. PugsleyOctober 19, 2023
Wonderful chocolates, handmade and what a selection. And they also sell coffee which is exceptional.Mike LeeOctober 16, 2023
Absolutely delicious dark hot chocolate. Friendly, helpfully staff.Piotr SOctober 14, 2023
Best hot chocolate you’d ever tryKieran WilliamsonSeptember 21, 2023
Amazing chocolate, lots of choiceNatalja GSeptember 8, 2023
The best ♥️Fabrizio LipariAugust 27, 2023
Would give more than 5 stars if possible! The iced chocolate from Cenu Cacao is the best I’ve ever had, very chocolatey and not watered down. The chocolates are also delicious! It is clear to see that a lot of love and care goes into everything made here. Cant wait to come back!Amelia LAugust 25, 2023
An exceptional quality. The chocolate is flavourful and very well balanced in sweetness. The ladies in the shop are really warm and helpful. They are so benevolent towards customers, it makes the whole experience incredible, they all deserve that 5*. I will definitely come back for some Christmas treats. What a fabulous little shop! 😍Maëva G.August 18, 2023
I think so too. 10/10 cold iced chocolate drink. I don’t like it too sweet - this one was perfectG SicaJuly 29, 2023
Staff was lovely and chocolates deliciousGhislaine van der PloegJuly 18, 2023
We love stopping by every week for a drink or some chocolate. The staff are so friendly, chatty and so welcoming. Every time our family or friends visit we always take them here!Kate HuddlestoneJuly 9, 2023
Large selection of productsCarl BaileyJune 20, 2023
This is what hot chocolate is supposed to taste likeParth PathakMay 3, 2023
Best hot chocolate in Leamington. I strongly recommend you to try it.Mar GalianaMay 1, 2023
I took my daughter to Cenu Cacao, as we have passed the store on a couple of occasions when it's been closed. We have stood and stared through the window in awe at the display. Today we went inside!!. My daughter (Mollie) has a learning disability and loves chocolate she was so excited. The staff were so welcoming and patient .... it took her a while to make her choices...and me too!...we came home put the kettle on sat down with our beautiful chocolates and we were not disappointed absolutely delicious. An indulgent luxurious treat worth every penny. We will definitely be back ❤🙏Anne Marie MooreMarch 14, 2023
Ella JaysonMarch 11, 2023
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