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The secret to Cenu Cacao’s handmade chocolates is the special ingredients we use to make them. We use freshly grown cacao beans from Venezuela and Panama. We believe that it’s beautiful to share our accomplishments with other businesses. To do that, we sell raw cacao beans, our distinct drinking chocolate powder, and cacao mass as wholesale commodities ready to be sold business to business. 

Business to business delivery

wholesale business

Most chocolate makers use pre-made cocoa liquor for making chocolate. But not us. The freshness of our hot chocolate and the authenticity of our chocolate bars come from finely crushed raw cacao beans. Our raw cacao beans can be roasted carefully to enjoy a taste of chocolate that’s as old as time – delicious and unforgiving. 

To make sure that we do our part in celebrating the delight of our cacao beans, we sell them to other businesses for reselling. These raw cacao beans are fresh from the fields of Venezuela. We wholesale raw cacao beans from business to business and other resellers. Just tell us how much you need, and we will do our best to bring you the ethnicity of our raw cacao beans. 

Features of Our Wholesale Business

Sao Tome Roasted
Chocolate Coffees by Cenu Cacao

Pure chocolate artisan stone ground drinking chocolate

wholesale drinking chocolate

One of our proudest achievements is our exceptional drinkable chocolate. We use pure chocolate, which is an artisan stone-ground chocolate powder. Our drinking chocolate powder contains cocoa powder made from fresh cacao beans grown organically in Venezuela and Panama. 

And now it’s ready for wholesale! We’re selling Cenu Cacao’s drinking chocolate powder to other businesses, ready to be resold. 

Features of Our Wholesale Drinking Chocolate

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Cocoa Mass

Cocoa Mass is finely stone-ground cacao compressed into five to twenty-five kilograms bars. The best part of Cenu Cacao’s cocoa mass is that the customer has the freedom to decide details such as the percentage of cacao, the type of cacao. On top of that, the customer can also choose the ingredients they would like us to add.   

If there is a special flavour of cacao you would rather have, then let us know and we will do everything in our power to bring it to you. Much like our raw cacao beans, and drinking chocolate powder, Cocoa Mass is also in-store for wholesale. Our bars of happiness are ready to be sold from business to business.

Features of Conferences

Chocolates by Cenu Cacao


The uniqueness of our products is founded on the ground of authenticity. And you can receive our products by telling us your name, your company’s name, your country’s origin, and any special requirements you would like us to tend to. 

Our customers satisfaction is our top priority

Few words from customers

FionaJune 25, 2024
Amazing shop of artisan chocolates with great vegan options. Delicious ice cream. Rosemary the owner is so friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to our next annual visit. Highly recommend.Roshni ModhaJune 3, 2024
Me and my partner did Rosemary's chocolate making workshop and I would highly recommend giving it a go! She was very generous with prosecco and chocolate strawberries on entry then gave us some tasting and lots of Interesting information about cocoa then we proceeded to temper the chocolate and make our own bars. Very good experience and beautiful chocolatelindsey woodfieldJune 2, 2024
Beau PollardMay 30, 2024
Best hot chocolate in the Midlands. I don't even live near here but every time I'm in the area I will goAlex PlattsMay 29, 2024
Amazing service in this shop, the staff are so lovely and greet everyone warmly, the smell of chocolate travels down the street and is truly enticing. Wonderful products and a must visit.Little EmzMay 19, 2024
Was walking past and it smelt amazing, and walked in and got coffee and 5 different little chocolates and all them were delicious!! Really recommend & staff were lovely.Laura BarlowMay 18, 2024
Don PaulMay 13, 2024
I never usually buy individual chocolates, but this place looked so unique I had to check it out. The chocolates are amazing (definitely recommend the whiskey and marmalade one), beautifully made with interesting flavours and complex without being too sweet.Jieran MengApril 27, 2024
Furqan RaiApril 22, 2024
Nice to be vegan and welcome in a chocolate shop! Didn't charge for oat milk so automatic 5 star review from me anyway ✨⭐RApril 11, 2024
Cenu Cacao sells the finest hot chocolate in town. I have been here countless times and haven't been disappointed once. I have tried many hot chocolate places in the UK and have never found anything as good as Cenu Cacao. I have recommended this place to so many of my friends and colleagues. They have the sweetest staff and Rose is the loveliest owner.Tina RajanApril 1, 2024
I’ve always had an amazing experience here! The hot chocolate is exceptional and there is amazing variety to choose from. Staff is lovely!Hristina GrebchevaMarch 30, 2024
Visited the store in Leamington Spa and was highly impressed! Bought some champagne, rum, whisky, rose and pistachio chocolates. The quality of the chocolate was clear when we arrived home and cut them into pieces. Smooth dark chocolate on the inside, melting in the mouth with beautifully combined flavours. I’ve tried many artisan chocolates and Cenu Cacao is as good as any of them, and for this calibre of chocolate I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were as you would expect to pay more from other brands. The store itself is a pleasure to be in, lovingly presented, and to tip it off you can actually see all of the equipment they use to make the chocolate which was a real treat in itself. If in London I can imagine this store would be over run with queues all day long. Not to be missed, highly recommend visiting and indulging in some small scale handmade chocolatey deliciousness!Ashish RajputMarch 29, 2024
I had their dark hot chocolate and it's probably one of the best I've ever had!! And she was so so sweetVarshini MandradiarMarch 22, 2024
Wonderful shop see the delicious chocolates being made. They gave a very warm welcome to our dog (which actually brought us into the shop) Reasonable prices for artisan chocolate tooJim SmithMarch 15, 2024
They are very kind here, the dark chocolate is soooo good and ther hot choc is amazingSarah SparksFebruary 18, 2024
Ash BryantFebruary 12, 2024
(I went to tge one in Touchwood, Solihull) Lovely little chocolate shop who serves lovely chocolate products. We ordered hot chocolate mixed with dark and milk chocolate with coconut milk, it taste amazing! The guy who served us was very friendly and kind, bless him. Let's support small business❤Daisy Karina SariJanuary 21, 2024
Incredible hot chocolate Same with the iced one. The nib chocolate is incredible, the owner is such a lovely woman 😊 ( I've not seen her for a while as she now has plenty of staff which I'm very happy for her) deffo recommend anyone to go along. Costa who? 👊🏼👊🏼Bonnie LouisJanuary 8, 2024
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