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As an artisan “bean to bar” chocolate shop, Cenu Cacao proudly hosts corporate events tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We accompany two kinds of events – team building and conferences.

Make chocolates together

Team Building - Making Chocolates and Building Stronger Bonds

At Cenu Cacao, team building stands for making chocolates together and creating stronger interpersonal relationships. As a team-building exercise, we aim to help you regain your spirit as a team and make something beautiful out of it. In this case, it’s chocolates and all things great. This team-building exercise takes place at Cenu Cacao’s very own quaint little shop at 114 Regent Street, Royal Leamington Spa in the UK. When you arrive at Cenu Cacao, you will be greeted with a glass of bubbly and served with our dearest culinary accomplishment – hot chocolate. The warmth of our hot chocolate is bound to melt a few hearts. 

We make our chocolates right here at the shop, and we think you should try it too. With our team-building exercise, you get the chance to learn how to make chocolates from scratch. We want to help you regain a sense of unity with your team and build it up on the foundation of something better and far more delicious – chocolates. As part of our team-building exercise, you will be endowed with the opportunity to make chocolates with your team. We’ll let you in on the deepest secrets of creating chocolates, and you can take home all the wonders that come out of it. Beyond the joy of eating chocolates is the delight of having created them. 

To make the team-building exercise even more amiable, our founder, Rosemary, will be there with your team through every step. You’ll get to create chocolates and truffles and little pieces of heaven with the very building block of Cenu Cacao, Rosemary.  On top of learning how to make chocolates, we will take a journey into the magical world of combining chocolate with alcohol and how to do it right. Oh, and the icing on the cake, we will indulge in the goodness of cocoa and learn how it’s processed.

Features of Team-Building

Chocolates by Cenu Cacao
Chocolates Coffees by Cenu Cacao

Eager to serve you happiness

Conferences - Delivering Happiness

Our second corporate event – conferences – refers to our eagerness to serve you with our marvellous chocolates and hot chocolate. Distance or time won’t be able to stop you from savouring the wonders of our handmade chocolates. We deliver chocolates and hot chocolates to conferences involving ten or more people. 

Let us know where you are, and we will bring you our treasured pieces of delight right where you need them. However, please note that due to the nature of the task, we only deliver hot chocolate to conferences with more than ten people, taking place within one mile of our shop at 114 Regent Street, Royal Leamington Spa, UK.

Features of Conferences


Sounds delicious? Well, book your corporate event with Cenu Cacao right away! Just tell us your quirks, which service you would like, special requirements, where you are, what you need, how we can reach you, and we promise to dazzle. Don’t forget to tell us if there are any allergies we need to account for while we create your mouth-watering desserts and get them on their way to you.

Our customers satisfaction is our top priority

Few words from customers

Paula BackwithJune 17, 2022
really lovely people and amazing chocolate. this is a gem in Leamington. their hot chocolate is the best I've had, don't bother with Costa/Starbucks hot chocolates, save your money and come to Cenu Cacao!Tanim AbedinJune 10, 2022
really friendly people and amazing chocolate. their hot chocolate is the best I've had. don't bother with Starbucks/Costa hot chocolates, save your money and come get one here instead!Tanim AbedinJune 10, 2022
Best hot chocolate I've ever had 😍 Rosemary is so friendly and so are the other staff. The smell when they're roasting the beans is divine! Also love the sea salt and pink peppercorn chocolate. Such a gem to have in Leamington.AislingMay 13, 2022
Hot chocolate is. OUT IS THIS WORLD!!!!!! Waitress Sonya is creative and kindCharlie GrayFebruary 20, 2022
Always bring visiting friends here for a hot chocolate. The best you’ve ever tastedHarryFebruary 15, 2022
Lovely staff, delicious hot choc, can't wait to try everything else on offerZ PFebruary 8, 2022
Best hot chocolate I’ve ever head! We were at the shop near closing time and the lady had cleaned the machine down so we thought we wouldn’t be able to try a hot chocolate. She then made 2 for us! They were absolutely delicious and it was so kind she offered to do so! AmazingNia BeynonDecember 11, 2021
Deeksha VishwanathDecember 4, 2021
The best hot chocolate i have ever had. Ladled molten chocolate in a cupDavid MattinsonNovember 1, 2021
Visited today and had o e of the best hot chocolate drinks..Also indulged in some chocolate to take away. Fabulous and the lady in the store was so helpful. May have to order more online..Alison HazzardOctober 26, 2021
Will FOctober 25, 2021
Delicious chocolate and friendly owner (Rosemary)!Jack SnowOctober 1, 2021
The best chocolate in Warwickshire or I should say in all UK! True taste of the finest cocoa, passionate owner and a lot of love. Beautiful place, beautiful people, highly recomended!Andrzej K.August 15, 2021
Oh my! Such beautiful chocolates and amazing service. Everyone should shop here, Rosemary is wonderful and the chocolates are to die for. Thank you!!Tara AlisandratosAugust 11, 2021
BlackSoul 2kJuly 10, 2021
Matthew StephenJuly 1, 2021
Iced chocolate drink is amazing. Also highly recommend the salter caramel orea snowball. ❤️ben goodallJune 26, 2021
What an adorable little hidden gem! Stumbled across this cute shop whilst we were exploring the area and going for a random walk. We went in to grab an iced latte and was greeted by the lovely owner (I think she’s the owner) called Rosemarie? One of the other customers kept saying her name. She was the loveliest, most welcoming and friendliest person ever. The shop has a big selection of AMAZING chocolates, a huge selection of different boxes to put them in and a beautiful selection of different types of coffees. I would absolutely 100% recommend this place and from what I could see they specialise in something called in Iced Hot chocolate and boy did it look good!EAT-STAY-TRAVELJune 13, 2021
Rosemary always has the most inventive flavours of authentic chocolate - and the recent “iced chocolate” drink is the most incredible milkshake with a luxurious texture of real chocolate blended with ice cream.Neal JonesJune 12, 2021
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