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At Cenu Cacao, we strive for excellence and bold choices that make our brand unique. In a sea of chocolate makers using pre-made cocoa liquor and chocolate couverture, we dare to stand out. By using organic raw cacao beans, we promise to serve a helping of chocolates that makes you weak in the knees with the deliciousness of cacao. 

What’s more? Cenu Cacao is the first “bean to bar” chocolate shop in the whole of the West Midlands. Not only is our chocolate handmade, but it’s also handmade right in front of you. Come visit our shop at 114, Regent Street, Royal Leamington Spa, UK, and you can witness the miracle of chocolate as a star-studded event. Here, the stars are our fresh ingredients, the birth of individual batches of chocolate, and the team behind it.

Something about our cacao beans. Our raw cacao beans are grown, completely free of chemicals, in the exquisite fields of Venezuela and Panama. Our brand of authenticity originates from the finest natural sellers worldwide. With the use of the finest ingredients, we have pledged to achieve a quality in our chocolates that’s unbeatable.

After acquiring these raw cacao beans, we head over to the place where all the magic happens: Cenu Cacao. Our raw cacao beans are stone-ground on-site and then given the shape of chocolate right as our customers watch, resulting in pralines and truffles meant to take your breath away. Why? We love to connect with our customers and what better way to do that than let them watch us in action!

Are you convinced yet? No? Let’s go through more reasons why you should choose us as your chocolatier.

With our impeccable attention to detail, we will hit the mark every time. How? We take pride in the work we do to create chocolate, and we do it all by ourselves. We sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind, conch, and age the chocolates before finally chilling them. This gives us an advantage because all our work is done locally and right here in the shop, allowing us to present our customers with the purest and the most well-made chocolate at their disposal.

Our customer service is an ode to our magnificent collection of chocolates. The team loves to interact with our customers, and help them in any way they can. Come to us with stories, dreams, feedback, and whatever you wish to share, we will make sure there’s a delicious assortment of chocolates for you behind the bar.

What else is special about us? We only stock number one graded raw cacao beans. Not only do we curate our cacao beans with the utmost care, but our trades with cocoa farmers are absolutely fair. We use the most exceptional ingredients with no added preservatives in our process of making chocolate.

Cenu Cacao is a small, independent local business, with the single goal of making the greatest chocolate known to man. Our craftsmanship is distinct and employed with the credibility of Aztec methods that are bound to impress without fail.

Our chocolate is fresh with the genuine taste of cacao. All our batches are pristine, and at the time you buy our chocolate, it is less than two weeks old. So you can be more than certain that you will receive the very purest of chocolate batches out there.

Contact us with all your worries of the world and we promise to solve them with the greatest batch of artisanal chocolates!

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