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A personal message from Rosemary

we love hearing from our customers

As an artisanal chocolate shop, Cenu Cacao is built on the foundation that our customers always come first. If you ever feel that there may be something lacking in our process of making chocolate, we urge you to let us know. We want to hear anything you have to say about our chocolates, and chocolates in general. 

Whether it’s a funny story about chocolates, or if you just want to go on a rant about how much you love them, we are here to listen. We want to stay connected with our customers for years to come, and that’s what we’ve tried to do with Cenu Cacao. 

In the strangest of ways, Cenu Cacao is our founder Rosemary’s love letter to chocolates, and we adore the fact that we can be a part of her journey. She wanted to connect with the world through chocolates and her work speaks for itself. 

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Please don’t shy away from telling us what’s on your mind. Contact us with your name, email, phone number, and any special requests you have. We care about how you feel.

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